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  Surroundings & Activity  

The little village of St. Bonnet la Rivière has about 330 inhabitants and has no commerce except for a "auberge" which has a sympathetic owner, who's allways willing to serve you something to drink or a nice lunch to eat.



The round church of St Bonnet is special. It is a replica of a basilica in Jeruzalem. About four kilometres further you'll find the lively little town of Objat with its market on Tuesday- and Sundaymornings.


The landscape is hilly and woody and is crossed by several rivers. Big ones like the Vézère, the Corrèze, the Dordogne and small ones like for example the Mayne. There are lakes, parks and meadows in which, grazes the brown Limousin-cow in peace.


It's the area of the apple-orchards and the walnut trees. An environment of beautiful views, picturesque villages and towns. Many remains of the past, both prehistoric and more recent, give testimony of those fascinating times.


  Sights and outdoor activities:




Hiking, cycling, golfing, canoeing or kayaking, swimming in naturalwater or in our own swimmingpool.

Visiting prehistoric caves (e.g. Grotte de Lascaux), stalactite caves (e.g.. Gouffre de Padirac), gardens , the parc of the birds of prey in Rocamadour.

  grotte lascaux  

parc of birds of prey



  pompadour   * Imagine yourself back in time, strolling through the medieval villages and towns like Sarlat, Collonges la Rouge, St. Robert and many others and enjoying the beauty of the castles (Hautefort, Pompadour), churches, chapels, tours, ruins, museums and so on.  
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